Warka-Water, Ethiopia

WarkaWater is designed to provide clean water
WarkaWater is designed to provide clean water

The 30ft high bamboo ‘flower basket’ that can pluck drinking water from thin air
• Structures use condensation to take water from the air in morning fog
• Can be built by villagers and transported to most needed areas by donkey
• Designed to be used in Ethiopia where wells cannot be dug

By Mark Prigg
A radical 30ft high bamboo ‘flower basket’ could help give water to underdeveloped areas, it has been claimed. The structure harnesses condensation from the air using a specially-developed material. Helping to end thirst: WarkaWater is a project conceived for the mountainous regions in Ethiopia, where women and children walk several hours to collect water. The 9 metre tall bamboo framework (mock-ups pictured) has a special fabric hanging inside capable to collect drinkable water.

WarkaWater is designed to provide clean water as well as ensure long-term environmental, financial and social sustainability,’ designer Arturo Vittori told Wired.

More at the source: Daily Mail
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  1. hmm.. while its a great idea and very interesting… i think the low tech solution of self constructed water tanks and setting up roof catchment is much more viable. the added advantage is the implimentation would require one experienced outsider and some villagers. and mostly local materials only. something that can be taught on….also the photos wouldnt have to be cut and pasted with images showing ‘what could be’ and rather get to it without the ‘extendted research’, funding etc…


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