Woodworker Builds The Perfect Tiny House Boat for Life on the Water

A woodworking wizard named Richard built the Koroc – a beautiful floating tiny house RV on aluminum pontoons. It’s unbelievable what a comfortable home he’s created in such a small space. Imagine living in this micro cabin, floating on a river or a lake, and enjoying fresh air on an enormous deck? If you can’t tell already, we’re in love with this boat!

We spent a beautiful sunny afternoon on Le Koroc (built by Richard’s company Daigno) admiring his handy work. Everything in this house boat is built by hand, from the beams to the cabinets, the deck, water filter, bathroom, kitchen and more. Richard has a solar panel for electricity, a Martin propane heater, a propane cooktop, a DIY carbon filter for filtering grey water, a self-contained toilet, two dinettes (one that converts into a double bed), and tons of windows, not to mention the huge deck. It’s off-grid minimalist living paradise!

If you want to learn more about Richard’s beautiful house boat, you can check out his website here: http://daigno.ca/en/home.html
Outstanding concept and design. Love it. Hope to see a bunch of similar designs that tap into this new market.

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  1. This is one of my favorite blog posts lately. I love houseboats and living on the water, and I like how they’ve combined an efficient tiny house design with durable aluminum pontoons, as well as all the off-grid features.


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