10 Amazing Underground Homes

So which one is your favorite? My favorite underground house in this video is the Estate Lattenstrasse in Switzerland. It’s not only super beautiful, it’s also energy efficient thanks to being underground and insulated with recycled glass foam insulation. More excellent photos of this house by Vetsch Architektur can be found on Architizer.com.

“From underground houses that look like hobbit homes or even a house that looks like it was from the Teletubbies, these are amazing!

3 thoughts on “10 Amazing Underground Homes”

  1. A credit to all of the owners who have designed and built their homes depicted in this video. Also good work on the part of the video makers in obtaining the photographs and information. The casual viewer will have enjoyed seeing the video.

    For followers of the Natural Building Blog, however, who undoubtedly want to be able to study the technical details of the construction, everything went by at a high speed. Perhaps a future development of gaming technology will be videos like this that we can instantly branch off to get more details of what we see in the summary ? Meanwhile a video that showed each picture for twice as long as in this one would give us more chance to examine the structures. As you say, the Swiss examples are superb – but then they are a country of brilliant engineers !

    An enjoyable video if a little too fast !

    • Each house is famous. Almost for sure they all have websites with more details and photos. One tip is to search the name of the house in Google Images and almost for sure you’ll get more pics.

      I especially enjoyed the details that the narrator shared. Obviously they researched each project and put a lot of work into the video.


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