Water Vortex Power Plant Debuts in Switzerland

“A new way to generate electricity is being implemented in Switzerland. It’s a special water vortex power plant that bears the name of well known inventor, Bertrand Piccard.” This may be practical for homesteaders and ecovillages who want to live more sustainably off grid and be more self sufficient.

“Bertrand Piccard has already made a name for himself as the man who flew the first non-stop round-the-world balloon flight. He’s also the man who invented the Solar Impulse — an airplane that runs only on solar energy. And now he’s promoting a new kind of water energy system in Schöftland, Switzerland.

This pilot project basin is 21 feet wide and has a level difference of five feet. Depending on the amount of water, it can produce between 10 and 15 kilowatts of energy. That’s enough energy for 20-25 Swiss households.”


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