Bioconstruction Women of La Paz

“Women from La Paz filmed themselves and tell their story about them building houses for their marginal children.” Note the earthbag domes and cobblestone floors they are building. Their floor technique is particularly interesting.

Part 2
Part 3

2 thoughts on “Bioconstruction Women of La Paz”

  1. If i was that poor,The cost of the bags would be a lot. Unless you can find someone who throws away lots of feed bags. Makes me think building some forms and making adobe bricks would make more sense cost wise.Then the roof would perhaps be the big cost.
    I do applaud the women in the video.

    • The bags are used for many things now and often available recycled. I know of a local project where they got raschel mesh bags for free as the farmer’s market was closing. Used poly bags here are only a few cents each. The big cost is actually cement. It often costs about the same worldwide, so one bag of cement can be over a month’s income in a developing country.


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