Earthbags are Gaining Traction in Kenya

Earthbag construction is gaining traction in Kenya as an alternative to traditional building materials such as wood, iron sheets, or stones. Real estate investors are increasingly embracing this technique. By utilizing earthbags, developers can easily access the necessary resources and construct structures affordably. Earthbag construction begins by utilizing on-site fill materials, which typically consist of … Read more

Building a New and Natural Life in the Country

Sindhoor Pangal lost her husband about two-and-a-half years ago just before the second lockdown. “We were very close and I was completely heartbroken. He and I were college sweethearts and after his loss, I could not handle the city at all. I wanted to leave. I was looking for a place to heal.” It was … Read more

A Simple Earthbag House in Jamaica

This environmentally friendly house was built with durable, empty bags filled with raw earth. The structure employed rice bags with local soil from the site (with additives), along with barbwire acting as tensile strength. Earthen plaster was then applied to the exterior for a smooth finish. Earthbag construction has remarkable strength and longevity. It can … Read more

Affordable Earthen Homes presented a collection of eight small “earth homes that almost anyone can afford” and half of them are built with earthbags! La Casa Vergara’s dome shape may captivate the eye, but what’s underneath is most impressive. The Bogota home, built by architect Jose Andres Vallejo, is made from earthbags, or tubular bags stuffed with … Read more

Earthbag Building for Climate Resiliency

Thousands of people in Puerto Rico were still living under blue tarps three years after Hurricane Maria struck the island, and more than 30,000 families asked the government for assistance after the storm destroyed or damaged their homes.  This is why Paula Paoli and Owen Ingley are in Las Marías, Puerto Rico, and hope to … Read more