11 Tiny House Villages Redefining Home

Caravan Tiny House Hotel - Portland, Oregon
Caravan Tiny House Hotel – Portland, Oregon

“Tiny house villages are a new part of the tiny house movement, yet they hold a lot of potential to transform lives and communities. The idea behind these villages is straightforward: bring tiny houses together in one place to create communities that share land, time together, skills, support, and other resources.

Some tiny house villages are still in the planning phase or are demonstration villages, and many are designed to house the homeless. But as the tiny house movement grows, so too does the desire to live a simple life in community. What we see today may be the beginnings of a large and diverse tiny house village movement. Below are 11 tiny house villages leading the way.

5. Caravan Tiny House Hotel – Portland, Oregon
Touted as the first tiny house hotel, Caravan is a model of what a tiny house village could look like. Although there are no permanent residents in this little village of tiny houses, it provides visitors an opportunity to test drive tiny house living and experience what it’s like to live among other tiny house dwellers.”

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