2 Story Tiny House / $7,000 – Mortgage Free – Go Off Grid CHEAP!!! — 5 Comments

  1. Contact information for this particular unit.

    A Sign at the beginning of video shows “Eagle Carports” “authorized Factory Outlet…”

    • It doesn’t say exactly (unless there’s a sign that shows a phone number, company name, etc.). But like I said, there are storage shed companies all over the country in every medium to large city.

  2. In our area (Raleigh, NC) Lowes and Home Depot sell these. Look very much like this. When you buy one, they will come and install it on your already prepared site.

    • That’s good to know, thanks. So there’s another good option.

      Some people scoff at the idea of buying a prebuilt structure. (See the YouTube comments.) But the reality is some people don’t have the tools and skills to do everything themselves. You have to analyze your strengths and weaknesses, and how much your time is worth. These sheds are popped together in one day with nail guns and staple guns. It could take unskilled workers a month to build the same thing and it might not turn out so good. For some people they might be better off devoting their time and effort to finishing the interior instead of building the whole thing. Everyone’s case is different. That’s why we try to cover a broad range of options on our blog.

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