20 Free DIY Tiny House Plans

20 Free DIY Tiny House Plans
20 Free DIY Tiny House Plans

My name is Gina, the main editor at MorningChores.com. I wanted to let you know that we have a collection of 20 DIY tiny house plans which people can actually build by themselves. It might be helpful for your website’s visitors. I think it’d be a nice addition to your blog.
Here’s the link to it: http://morningchores.com/tiny-house-plans/

Are you familiar with the tiny house movement? Well, if not, it is all the rage these days. People are selling their larger homes and building houses about 1/3 of the average size house. This is totally cool because people are ditching debt and embracing life.

So I want to share multiple tiny house plans. Hopefully, they’ll excite and inspire you the same way they do me every time I see one.”

Let me know what you think!
Thanks, Gina

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  1. Thank you Gina you are a gift I am disabled with P.T.S.D. and anxiety so I sometimes have to move to accommodate my condition. But leaving the home you’ve grown to love adds to my depression. I have loved the idea of tiny homes for over 20 but am on a fixed income,so when I looked into it several years ago and plans alone were $400+ It was out of reach. I thank you because I can finally have a forever home like other people. May god bless you‼


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