Good Time to Buy Foreclosed Farm Land?

JM Fortier’s market garden farm in Canada
JM Fortier’s market garden farm in Canada

I’m hearing reports of large numbers of U.S. farmers going broke due to economic problems, drought, old age and no children to pass the farm down to, and excessive government regulations. Some newscasters are predicting higher food prices or even food shortages this year (2017) in the U.S.

This might be a good time to buy foreclosed farm land and start a sustainable permaculture farm based on the work of Curtis Stone the Urban Farmer and Jean-Martin Fortier the Market Gardener. Their growing methods have been discussed in previous blog posts. Jean-Martin Fortier is clearly proving his and Curtis’ methods can be scaled up profitably as shown in the photo above. Fortier has been contracted by a wealthy land owner to demonstrate exactly that. Fortier’s latest large scale farming project is a million dollar operation by the way and will surely draw lots of attention.

The Market Gardener
The Urban Farmer
Both YouTube channels explain virtually everything they do in detail for free.

6 thoughts on “Good Time to Buy Foreclosed Farm Land?”

  1. It’s a horrible time to try to buy foreclosed land. Big Agri-Corporations are buying up all the family farms on good land. With the new administration having sold out to the big companies, the bidding for all available land has been unreasonable, and is continuing to get ruthless. It’s only going to get worse.

    Family farms with good land are on the auction block to the highest corporate bidder. Regular people wanting to scratch a living from the land for their family will be left to suffer.

    The higher land prices might look great to those selling their land, but it is fools gold. They will regret their decisions, as will everyone else for turning a blind eye and allowing it to happen.

    I expect more and more governmental interference in family farms to force them to sell out to the big corporations. The corporations will effectively rape the land to squeeze out maximum short term profits based almost exclusively on artificial fertilizers wholly dependent on fossil fuels. Soon the masses will be completely enslaved to the corporations in order to acquire food to survive. Nobody will be looking a generation into the future when the oil runs out.

    Yes, there are better ways to utilize land, permaculture practices are among the best examples, but the masses are more interested in short term gratification. They want to see some petty symbolic political “in your face” grandstanding, even if it leads to their own suffering.

    For the few of us that want something better, our best bet is to find marginal land that the big corporations don’t think will be profitable and use permaculture to revive it to make it productive for our families.

    At least some of us will survive the current state of insanity.

    God help those poor souls that don’t see the light and follow the petty path to oblivion the politicians of all types are peddling to benefit the rich and powerful.

    • Search our blog for keywords ‘degraded land’ for previous articles on this subject. Plus, I have two more articles coming soon about how to turn low cost marginal land into productive land for homesteads.

  2. In this millennium of the 2000’s, we are helping each others dreams come true.

    We are going to go through a whole lot of COMPOST from the past millenium, as we grow into our new ways of being on Mother Earth.
    The Problem is the Solution

    THE SCHOOL OF LIFE–OPEN AND ready to serve you…

    Social Permaculture /PEOPLE CARE Ethics
    Groups and
    COOPERATIVES are powerful ways to empower more of us.

    THen,one person or family is not responsible for “the farm”.

    Creating bigger ripples of Love and Caring in the world

    WE all matter, even if we ‘lose our farm’ and there are ways to bring everyone who has this dream into the fulfillment of everyone’s dreams of APPROPRIATE FOOD AND SHELTER developing Nurturing Neighborhoods.

    The folks who get foreclosed upon are in some way part of the solution, with the foreclosure becoming a new dream fulfilled for numerous folks.

    Meaning that they stay on as part of the group, and help build up whatever profitable ways to feed folks and appropriate homes for many, in their neigborhood and beyond.

    Older folks & disabled folks have much wisdom to share, and can be helped more readily by those living close by within the neighborhood.

    ALL of us who “tried and failed” have wisdom to share. THat’s why The Problem is The Solution! we learn how by what we live through.

    We, the PEOPLE! have been ‘divided and conquered’ for many hundreds of years on all continents, in the name of enslaving us in as many ways as possible–both subtle and gross.

    One ‘WOLF in sheep’s clothing’ being all the cheaters behind the “GREAT DREAM” of ‘owning a home’ which really owns us with all the money etc, required for maintenance, utilities, mortgage, fees and taxes, redecorating, etc ad nauseum. then you still have to go out and buy food and be on the grid to store and prepare it.

    We are all part of the solution. let’s keep our hearts open as well as our eyes.


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