2013 Editor’s Choice – Fine Homebuilding Houses Awards

“This year’s EDITOR’S CHOICE award goes to a house that embodies a host of our favorite elements. It’s personal—a home years in the making that will nurture its owner’s passion for the arts, cooking, and wine-making for decades. Designed by architect Tina Govan, this heirloom house is built to harvest water and power from the sky, conserve energy within its state-of-the-art masonry walls, and present for centuries a sturdy defense against the inevitable hurricane churning up the Carolina coastline.”

Find out more about this award-winning home at Fine Homebuilding.com

2 thoughts on “2013 Editor’s Choice – Fine Homebuilding Houses Awards”

  1. I love the lines, the revealed structure. Visually touring the house is practically a lesson in loads and structures. Magnificent! The video invokes feelings of “simplicity and truth” in me. Architecture as art ….

  2. I’ve always recommended Fine Homebuilding and Fine Woodworking magazines and books for their excellent content. One suggestion for any readers considering becoming a contractor or woodworker is to buy boxes of their publications used. Look in the classified section in the back of their magazines and you’ll often see used magazines for sale.


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