$300 Underground Greenhouse Grows Food Year Round — 5 Comments

  1. Doesn’t an underground construction require “deadmen” to prevent the walls from collapsing? I would LOVE a walpini, but am confused about how to secure the “deadmen” to the earthbags if required. Than1, Cathy

    • It mostly depends on what type of soil you have. Some soils are very stable and will hold their shape when you build this type of greenhouse. Other types are looser and will slip and collapse. The worst would be loose sandy soils. Talk to local builders or engineers in your area. You may have a type that will work with some additional support from deadmen. Wrap the barbed wire between earthbag courses around the deadmen.

    • Did you mean insulation or installation? Walipinis largely rely on stored heat in the ground to stay warm, but they would benefit from insulating the glazing at night.

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