Fab Tree Hab is a Multi-Species Habitat

The Fab Tree Hab is a grafted living tree structure intended to be shared by people and animals. It combines tree-grafting techniques with cross-laminated timber arch scaffolds. The goal is for a dwelling seamlessly integrated into its natural landscape and to replace harmful industrial materials with durable, bio-based alternatives. Foundation elements use almost no concrete … Read more

Couple Build Dream Ecological Home in Nepal

Amid the challenging times brought about by the Covid pandemic, Basanta Shrestha and his wife undertook a unique journey to build their dream house. “Building our house during the pandemic was a transformative experience. Our decision to use rammed earth and repurposed materials was a conscious effort to harmonize with nature and reduce our impact … Read more

Veteran Coder Builds Stone-Covered Dome Home Into Texas Hill

I usually avoid posting about projects that involve the use of lots of cement, but this underground homestead has many other features that are worth exploring. When Al Schwarz moved from upstate NY near Dallas, TX, he wanted a home with low energy bills and protection from extreme weather, so he dug into a hillside, … Read more

Wiki World Natural Camp in China

An area of about 200 acres In Huanggang City, China, has 13 wooden houses scattered around. This project is part of the Wiki World Co-Building Plan that is building a series of unique natural homes in nature. They designed and built 6 different types of cabins, combining location selection and exploration of living possibilities. It … Read more

Showcase of Natural Building at OUR Ecovillage

Freya’s House is an off-grid green building that showcases multiple natural building techniques from straw bale, cob, and rammed earth walls, to earthen floors, a green roof, and reclaimed, salvaged and locally sourced materials. It uses solar power for electricity, a legal composting toilet, and on-site greywater filtration. The house is located at O.U.R Ecovillage … Read more