$7,000 Off-Grid Tiny House on a Sand Foundation in the Desert

Jack Dody of Abundaculture.org takes us on a tour of his self-built tiny guest house. Jack built the house himself for about $7,000. It is about 240 square feet and includes passive solar design, rainwater collection, a complete bathroom with running water and a composting toilet, 12V solar power, and a woodstove for the coldest nights.


3 thoughts on “$7,000 Off-Grid Tiny House on a Sand Foundation in the Desert”

  1. I heard he has a house made with ‘weed bales’. Not sure if that’s his main house or not. I’ll be checking his website shortly for more ideas.

      • Tumble weeds. I lived not far from there for quite a few years. It’s a desolate, wind blown high prairie with not much more than weeds, cactus and broken down fences. Back roads are loaded with tumble weeds against the fences. Hardly a tree in sight.


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