An Earth-Sheltered Home in Lyme, New Hampshire

Built in 1980, this 1,731 square foot, three-bedroom home was originally designed by architect Don Metz, who designed several earth-sheltered homes in the Lyme, New Hampshire area. The owners added solar power and heat pumps, making the home come into its full potential, with limited use of fossil fuels. The home has passive solar heat … Read more

Hal Hinkle Embraces Bamboo for Building

At fifty-one, Hal Hinkle was winding down a successful career on Wall Street and he was trying to figure out how to spend his retirement. He owned some property in Oregon, and launching an initiative to reforest the area seemed like a great way to reduce America‚Äôs carbon footprint. He recruited volunteers and sponsors for … Read more

Earth House in Gujarat, India is Net Zero in Energy

This well ventilated home with plenty of natural light in Gujarat, India has three bedrooms and a pool. The layout is a simple one, divided in two blocks, one with all living areas and the other with bedroom spaces for a family of four. Between the two sit the leisure components of the pool and … Read more

A Short History of Rammed Earth

From the earliest times the only way for humans to build shelter was to use locally available raw materials. Rammed earth is estimated to have been used since around 5,000 B.C., often enclosing a wooden framework with a mixture of raw earth combined with plant fiber. Thin wooden sticks can be driven into the ground … Read more