A ‘Moon Shot’ for Building Energy Efficiency

Kelly sent me the following article about government and big industry plans for achieving energy efficiency in buildings. One goal is to achieve zero net energy by 2030. While I agree with the need to slash energy consumption and the overall goal of zero energy buildings, I have almost no confidence these type of plans will be practical and affordable to average homeowners. Housing is already unaffordable for most people. I think we need less government interference, not more. Imagine a giant ‘energy efficiency building bureaucracy’ like the building department involved with every project, and all the associated fees, forms, permits, inspections, regulations, fines, delays, and on and on. No thanks. The know-how to build super efficient buildings is already widely known. Rising energy costs and costs of materials are gradually making the need for energy efficient buildings a no brainer. As costs escalate, people will naturally gravitate to affordable, low impact, low energy buildings like earthbag, adobe, pole building and so on.

Source: The Three Factors Behind a ‘Moon Shot’ for Building Energy Efficiency

4 thoughts on “A ‘Moon Shot’ for Building Energy Efficiency”

  1. I would argue that government itself is not the problem, but corporate control of government is. As a rule, if you see government interfering in progressive movements it’s to protect the corporations and industries (banks, insurance, timber, chemical just to name a few that have to do with housing) to which it is beholden, or by which it is owned. It’s time to downsize out of control corporations and make room for government by and for the people. Something like… democracy?

    • Good point. I’ve always said to “vote with your wallet”. Try not to support the big corps that are at the root of all these problems. Building DIY, low cost housing without mortgages, using locally available natural materials is one big step to starving the beast.

  2. For those who can afford it, I think a home energy audit is a great way to test for leaks and tighten up your home. But trying to mandate these tests across the board would make it that much harder for people to afford housing. Government red tape is already adding thousands of dollars or even tens of thousands in some areas to every project. It’s way past time to downsize out of control governments.


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