Reviving Rammed Earth in Thailand

In Chonburi, Thailand, architect Peeraya Suphasidh tried using the ancient technique of rammed earth, thinking that the local building industry could learn something of value. It has generally been disregarded for its labor intensive and time-consuming nature. In finding the right material composition that would be suitable for the tropical climate with high humidity and … Read more

Designing Affordable and Healthy Housing

Human health and well-being in affordable housing design should begin with crafting connections to nature, healthy indoor environments and spaces that foster community. Biophilic design harnesses the innate affinity humans have for being exposed to nature. Studies have consistently shown that people with access to daylight and views of natural settings thrive better than those who … Read more

How Deconstruction Now Flourishes in Portland

There are several benefits to deconstruction versus mechanical demolition: environmental benefits, historical preservation and job creation are the big three. Shawn Wood, a construction waste specialist for the city of Portland, Oregon shares how its deconstruction ordinance came about. Wood said around 2013-2014 the country was coming out of a recession, and the city saw … Read more

16 Essential Steps to Straw Bale Success

If you go to you can download a free subscription to “16 Essential Steps to Straw Bale Success” e-course.  For over two weeks you’ll receive a daily and information-packed lesson about straw bale construction in your inbox. Over 50,000 people have read it so far! Everything from  Design, Choosing Best Bales, Creating Custom Bales, Creating Niches, Prep … Read more

A Native Sioux Tribe Is Building the First Hempcrete Plant in the US

Natives from the Lower Sioux Indian Reservation in southwestern Minnesota are building a 20,000-square-foot manufacturing campus that will allow them to pioneer a green experiment, the first of its kind in the United States. They are growing hemp to process it into hempcrete, and then build healthy homes with it. Once the tribe makes this low-carbon … Read more