A Tiny House Photo Tour — 3 Comments

  1. I love this concept, of living. Smaller is so much better. It is just wrong that we created all the “Stuff” in our life. Can you recommend any one? I live in Santa Fe NM. Close to Albq. NM

  2. Very cool little place. So much for so little and if you don’t get claustrophobic then this is your kind of place. Her web site and the source were really good to see.

    Not much is said about “Source Sites” that are provided but, it should be said that they are always something helpful. “Thanks” for these extra bonuses.

    • I could live in this very easily. And if something goes wrong with your job, local wild fire, etc. etc. just move it to another place. Somebody somewhere will gladly accept a little money for you to park your mobile tiny home. (Or trade work.)

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