Survival Shelter — 3 Comments

  1. One of the things I learned early was if your in a sopping wet situation is to build your bed OFF the ground using branches as your mattress and your cover. Pine needles was what I’d use if they were in your area. I’m thinking I have nothing but what I’m wearing and my pocket knife. If it’s lightning, stay out from underneath that tree if it’s close. if you can get some small logs together, you can build a wall which will reflect that heat from your fire back towards you to keep you warm and dry. I’d have my fire somewhat protected from the rain. It’s not going to be 100% but, improvise, adapt, overcome. A lean to, you can build pretty easy and the bark works pretty good for tie. IF you’ve got vines, that’s even better. If you found an outcrop then that’s where I’d first check out. It might have soft ground there and that could be to your advantage. There’s so many different scenarios that you first have to consider in building a shelter. I’ve spent more than 3 months out in the bush with no shelter. Just what I built and I came out okay. I “intentionally” spent a year out in the woods but, I did have a tent. I’d go to town once a month to get supplies. I would hunt and fish. I have to admit, I got jumpy from the sounds of cars, people talking etc. There’s a peace there that unless you’ve been there, done that most people just wouldn’t understand. I love my serenity. NOTHING like peace and quiet. I hope this is what you were asking for?!

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