Abod Shelters

Interior Design from Abod Shelters on Vimeo.

“Abod homes are high concept design and often lower cost versus standard construction. Natural light, cross breeze and open loft spaces provide universally enjoyable comforts. The basic shell is included, with add-on options. Architects at BSB Design created Abod with flexibility in mind, so there is no lack of functionality or comfort, despite the price.

– Compact and cost-effective to deliver. By truck, ship or plane, the lightweight home can be delivered onsite for quick and easy assembly.
– Readily manufactured in large quantities. All components are made from stock materials.
– Quick and simple to assemble. An entire single unit structure can be completed in one day by 4 – 5 people.
– High-quality, enduring structure has a projected low cost via mass manufacturing.”

Abod Shelters

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  1. I am interested in developing and sponsoring housing for the homeless. I love your ABOD design. Can the units be purchased? Thank you. Jerry Boddum 15 Hillcrest Court, Berkeley, Ca 94705


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