Long Term Housing for Refugees in Kenya

Refugee shelters are being developed in northern Kenya as part of an ambitious project by UN-habitat and the Voluntary Architects’ Network to realize four dwelling types dubbed ‘the Turkana houses’ for a pilot neighborhood. These shelters will house refugees who, because of perpetual conflict and civil war, can not return to their homes in Sudan. … Read more

Survival Shelter Ideas

I just found this YouTube channel called Survival Shelter Ideas that has some amazing videos like the one posted below. The channel itself has very little information about who is actually doing the work, but it appears to be an Asian couple in their 30’s (although she looks much younger in this video. Their interests … Read more

CalEarth Offers Free Classes and Books to Wildfire Victims

CalEarth just announced that they are offering free classes and books to the wildfire victims in California. If you would like to inquire about receiving FREE online classes and books, send them a message.This SuperAdobe structure at The Ojai Foundation survived the Thomas Fires that swept across Southern California in 2017.  Nader Khalili worked with The  … Read more

A 3D Printed House for $4000?

There has been a lot of publicity about 3D printed housing lately, and it is not surprising because the notion seems almost unbelievable. What is not to like about being able to almost instantaneously  convert practically any plan into reality for very little money? This article from fastcompany.com describes such housing that is being developed for masses of poor people in El Salvador and other third world countries. They claim that this can be done for under $4000 per house!

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