Adelia’s House

Adelia’s house, by Konbit Shelter
Adelia’s house, by Konbit Shelter

“In meetings with the community, getting feedback about the two completed constructions, and trying to decide on next steps forward, we learned that the super adobe style of building (soil stabilized with cement), although designed to be an affordable answer to the problem of durable housing, was still economically out of the reach of most people in Haiti, owing to the incredibly inflated cost of building materials. With our third construction we set out to adapt other earthbag building techniques to create something more specifically tailored to current needs and circumstances of Cormiers. With the Mango Grower’s Association, we identified three families most in need of housing and began construction on Adelia’s house in March 2013.”

Konbit Shelter

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  1. All imports are heavily taxed and so tools and materials are way higher than the US. It’s a huge rip-off that mostly benefits a few rich families.


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