Adobe Arts Center Workshop in Thailand

“Adobe Workshop 1st-8th April 2014 Chiang Mai, Thailand. contact 084-6084260

Help us build DAA²
We want to bring our Documentary Arts center to a next level by building a bigger, sustainable, better designed and much more comfortable art center in Chiang Mai City. This is not only about building a center. This is about enhancing a community and gathering people together to share and discover thoughts and stories about the world we live in.

$12,000 sets the basic structure such as foundation, supports and the roof for our new documentary art center. The reason we can do that so affordably is because we are going to build the walls and interior with adobe bricks we are making ourselves.

Documentary Arts Asia exists to:
– Increase the number & quality of Asian documentary artists
– Support emerging and established photographers & film makers
– Engage & expose the public to the quality documentary work being produced
– Assist under-represented groups to tell their stories
– Celebrate those who have dedicated their lives to this field and the work they produced.

Our current center was established in part by a grant from the prestigious W. Eugene Smith Memorial Fund.

Since 2011 Documentary Arts Asia organized an annual documentary photography and film festival, more than 300 movie screenings, 100 workshops, opened a new center in Kachin State, Burma and is on its way to co-produce the f28 Month of Photography in Chiang Mai.

The co-founders, Non and Ryan, have successfully completed 25 adobe buildings from scratch and helped out with many other projects involving earthen buildings with a NGO called earthen adobe.

Documentary Arts Asia new center on

2 thoughts on “Adobe Arts Center Workshop in Thailand”

  1. This is a very good idea. I hope that through ideas like this, it will help certain people who own elephants to stop torturing them. Yes, many are so mistreated that it just makes you sick. I’m probably off center but, I just had to vent about this less than humane treatment. The more it’s photographed and video shows it the better. This center can accomplish so much good by focusing on this. Alright, enough venting.


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