The Art and Science of Natural Plaster

“We just launched “The Art and Science of Natural Plaster” on Kickstarter. For the last months, Chris Magwood and I have been pouring our lives into this educational documentary. We want to help more people to know about Natural Plaster and all it’s beneficial effects on us and the environment. We want to empower you with a real practical how-to video.

Transforming Your Home Is Dirt Simple! Plastering your home with natural materials is a remarkably empowering, rewarding and healthy experience, transforming your walls into beautiful centerpieces in your home! With this DVD, let us show you the tactile sights and sounds of natural plastering so that you will be able to use affordable, local and non-toxic materials to undertake any type of natural plastering project.

If your house has walls, you’ve got the ideal scenario for using natural plaster! You can learn to use natural, sustainable materials and hand craft them into exquisite, healthy, affordable and durable walls with your own two hands instead of using industrially manufactured and often toxic materials.

Whether you’re a professional builder or an inexperienced homeowner, the ability to work with natural plasters is within your means. This DVD will give you everything you need to approach a wide range of natural plastering projects, from applying thick, structural plasters on new walls to applying thin finish coats on existing walls.”

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6 thoughts on “The Art and Science of Natural Plaster”

  1. Hi Owen
    What do you mean search the internet for this? This is your kickstarter.
    When do you think it will dun. I sent you money for this in April 2014. (The Art and Science of Natural Plaster)on kickstarter.


  2. Hi
    Ware is the The Art and Science of Natural Plaster DVD kikstarter.This is taking a vary long time. Are you going to do this our what?

    Vary disappointed.

  3. Looks like a great project.

    The Art aspect of natural plaster is obvious when you see it.

    The Science aspect is something I look forward to seeing what they intend to do. There are many scientific questions that I would love to see answered.

    One example…

    What thicknesses various types of plaster are needed to give a 1hr fire protection? 2hr?

    I can envision a fun experimental segment where several outdoor fireplaces are built out of strawbales, or maybe even pallets, and plastered with different types of plaster and different thicknesses on the inside of the fireboxes. Then light fires of the same strength and check the results.

    … perhaps that’s not the direction they intend to go, but it would be educational and potentially a great visual.

    • Chris Magwood is a real PRO, believe me. He’s one of the leading natural builders in the world. I’m sure this will be a top notch production.

      Did anyone catch when it will be finished?


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