Akio Inoue Dome Photos — 6 Comments

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  2. I am new to earth bag building, but am extremely intrigued. The possible creative options are so endless. Sure beats normal housing, including high contruction budgets! -A good way to live outside of the box! LOL

    Paul, your mention of windows brings to mind an idea I have had, and may implament when I build my own Earth Bag dome home. Has anyone utilized glass block yet? Maybe for windows higher up in the dome for natural light?


  3. The professor has an interesting way of building windows. Note how the bags are laid in the second picture, he uses a corbeled structure for the openings. I also like his use of large diameter PVC pipe for skylights in the top of the domes, although they may be made out of some other material. These skylights are easy to cap, either with a flat or hemispherical plastic or glass dome, letting natural light into the building.

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