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  1. I’ve been interested in concrete counter tops for a while now. I think, cast in situ, they would be an ideal solution for the problem of curved and possibly uneven walls in a dome or roundhouse.

    Fu-tung Cheng is probably the most well known proponent of this type of counter top.

    Do you know of any geopolymer mixes that meet the requirements (2500+psi) for forming counter tops?

  2. I really love the design of the kitchen featured in the lower photo. The arched window over the sink is really beautiful. I think arches soften a room and make it more inviting. Some kitchens can feel cold and harsh no matter how much you try to make them warm and inviting. Is there a website where I can view the complete layout of this kitchen?.. Cabinet sizes etc.?? I have been thinking of building a long ranch style earthbag home and I think the layout of this kitchen would be absolutely perfect.
    Thank You,
    Val Bonnema

    • I could redraw the kitchen from memory. Only half the kitchen is shown. It wraps around on the right with a large 8′ wide swing out pantry plus linen storage area. The cabinets continue on the left into a butler’s pantry. There’s a sloped ash wood ceiling. And see the phone desk next to the tambour appliance garage? Plus, there are all sorts of built in extras like spice shelves behind the stained glass, built-in glass cutting surface on the island top, roll out trays, etc. I love it. Email me if you’re interested in hiring me to draw something similar.

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