Amazing $700 Tiny Home on Wheels, Tour and Interview!

The bad economy and lack of decent jobs is driving many people to seek low cost housing and living alternatives. This includes hitting the road in campers, RVs and camper vans to avoid high rent in the rat race. The video shows a simple yet very practical tiny home on wheels that was built in less than a month for only $600-$700 with mostly salvaged materials. Anyone in construction could save up scraps from jobs and build this camper almost for free.

Search our blog for similar stories like this tiny house on wheels that show how you can live for only a few hundred dollars a month if you’re thrifty. Cutting costs makes it easier to save for your own land and a more permanent sustainable home.

If you’ve lost your job or otherwise facing tough times, don’t get discouraged. There’s tons of free info on the Internet that show how to live dirt cheap. YouTube channels such as Bob Wells is a good example. The Without Bound – Perspectives on Mobile Living documentary is another good source.

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