Another Pyramid Building Theory — 4 Comments

  1. Here’s another very unusual theory about the purpose of the pyramids. This guy is trying to re-engineer the pyramids to figure out it’s true purpose.

    It’s very hard to follow what he’s saying. The sound quality is not good and my speakers are low quality. I’m headed to his website now for some written explanation.

    Update: The only written documentation that I could find is in this slideshow:

  2. Mix and match. Use geopolymers to make the facing stones, then flood the interior. You can use that to float however many stones you need, move sealed bags of your mix, whatever. Admittedly, I find the Egyptological/religious part of Davidovits’ argument really funny (the gods made men from eternal stone that they worked like clay, so therefore, concrete is sacred.)

  3. New pyramid articles, books and videos usually raise more questions than answers. What really happened may encompass multiple theories. I suspect the outer stones were made of geopolymer as Davidovitz proposes. There’s scientific proof of that in stone sample analysis. The rough inner stones were probably made by hand and raised with an internal ramp according to Houdin. A team of engineers studied every aspect of this and found no flaws in the theory. Pieces of other theories may have some validity. For instance, maybe they used water to level the first layer of stones and to help size the stones. Using canals to transport the stones also seems likely. But building waterproof towers to float the stones to the top doesn’t seem as plausible as the internal ramp theory.

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