Biotech India Biogas Plants — 3 Comments

  1. Biogas plants are awesome, but you won’t be able to produce much from kitchen scraps and human waste. You’ll need several large animals to make it feasible for cooking.

    • That would be ideal. According to the video interviews of numerous customers, they said they were getting enough gas to cook all their meals every day. Some get extra scraps from the market. Some may collect their neighbors compost that would normally be discarded. So this raises the question how will this scale? Early adopters who get extra food scraps seem to do fine. Those in agricultural areas can get more easily get compost. But there’s a limit to what’s available in cities. This doesn’t sound practical on a wide scale for everyone. (Although 20,000 have been sold in Kerala and they keep selling like crazy.)

  2. Approximately 2 million (rough estimate) biogas reactors have been installed around the world. They obviously work quite well. Biotech India has taken the technology to the next level by mass producing standardized PVC units. I expect sales to take off like crazy. Countless NGOs and government entities warn of serious environmental problems if the world doesn’t change course. How long before these groups jump on board and subsidize proven technologies such as these biogas plants?

    Here’s the same basic question worded differently: Can you buy a standardized biogas plant for a few hundred dollars from local suppliers? Why not? This is not new technology.

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