April 1-6, 2011 Earthbag Workshop in Thailand

Kelly Hart's Cool Pantry
Kelly Hart's Cool Pantry

Another earthbag workshop is being offered this year in Sakon Nakhon, Thailand. This six day, $500 workshop includes an excellent hotel, and transport to and from the work site. Last year’s project was this earthbag roundhouse. This year’s project is a Cool Pantry that is designed for keeping food cool without electricity (although we will use it for general storage). Every home should have one of these amazing structures for storing food because they’re so practical. Complete instructions will be published in the next issue of The Owner Builder Magazine.

I first learned about Cool Pantries (which have lower humidity that root cellars) from Kelly Hart, who built one next to his home in Colorado. It worked so well that we realized every home would benefit, and so we worked out a simple to build version that could be attached to virtually any house.

For more details, visit our Workshops page.

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