Awesome $4,500 Completely Off-Grid Tiny House — 3 Comments

  1. Hello Mr Geiger,

    I am interested in your floor plans but I know that you don’t customize them but I wonder if anyone on your staff is able to do so. I am interested in an octagon shaped 1 family home similar to the torus but with no atrium in the middle replaced with a fireplace and closed dome shaped wood roof. I just ordered you book from Barnes and Noble and I should receive it in 5-10 bus days. Do you have a solution for my dilemma???

  2. I love stories like this. In fact, I wish someone would start an Affordable Tiny House YouTube channel with similar stories. I think it would be a big hit because most tiny houses are not affordable. Learn the tips and tricks and awesome layouts from the pros and then build your own like this guy did for cheap. It’s the difference between say $5,000 and $80,000.

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