Magical houses, made of bamboo

“You’ve never seen buildings like this. The stunning bamboo homes built by Elora Hardy and her team in Bali twist, curve and surprise at every turn. They defy convention because the bamboo itself is so enigmatic. No two poles of bamboo are alike, so every home, bridge and bathroom is exquisitely unique. In this beautiful, immersive talk, she shares the potential of bamboo, as both a sustainable resource and a spark for the imagination. “We have had to invent our own rules,” she says.”

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2 thoughts on “Magical houses, made of bamboo”

  1. What an amazing woman!. Love, love her designs. Hope she starts a trend of building with bamboo. So exceedingly creative.

    • Rarely do we publish more than one story on the same project. This is one of the few exceptions because their houses and schools are so amazing.


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