Balinese Style Bathrooms — 4 Comments

  1. An amazing idea leads you to the top. Haven’t thought to have a bathroom like this before and neither seen anywhere. But I guess I have to build like this one in my farmhouse for sure. Its looking good. But hoping that no one will see my privacy there. Lol!!

    • Usually there are walls are a fence around the open air portion. I really love the inclusion of nature in the bathroom. It’s very refreshing.

  2. This is good stuff Owen. I wonder how difficult it would be to shape a tub out of cement or concrete? I’ve heard of it being done but, never have seen one with the how to instructions.

    • You should be able to find a hobby website that explains how to cast tubs, sinks and countertops. This is fairly popular. People are embedding colorful pebbles, recycled crushed glass, bottles, seashells and all sorts of things for decoration. Small projects like these are not particularly difficult or expensive. We built a concrete countertop for our outdoor kitchen for about $20 with forms made of scrap materials. Search our blog for ‘outdoor kitchen’.

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