Bandsaw Sawmill — 13 Comments

  1. Interesting. I was surprised at the creativity of people who created their own sawmills, not to mention how fast they were able to turn a tree trunk into lumber. I also looked at the website and found out that they carry bandsaw blades in a number of sizes and teeth configurations at surprisingly low cost. This opens up a lot of opportunities for people to create their own roofing and furniture-making materials, not to mention a potential business venture.

    • There is lots of potential, that’s for sure. I just touched on a few points so people don’t think it’s too far off topic. Since you’re interested, here are a few related ideas.
      – You can use wood that’s not commercially available. Lumber industries only use what’s most profitable. There’s probably thousands of kinds of trees that would work for owner builders.
      – Local hardwoods may be far superior in quality to commercially available softwoods. If you’re using the wood for structural purposes, research the wood in question.
      – Bandsaws are extremely reliable, come in all different sizes and are used for different purposes. Find a saw that matches your needs.
      – Bandsaws are very popular. You may be able to find a used machine for your project and resell it when you’re finished for about the same price.
      – Sand and gravel in cedar wood will trash your blade in no time. Peeling the bark off will prolong blade life.

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