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Almost every home uses at least some wood. We’ve been examining various free and low cost ways of obtaining wood for homebuilding. Yesterday’s blog post mentioned cutting your own wood with a bandsaw sawmill. Again, this is a great way to mill wood for far less expense than store bought lumber. There’s lots of free info about this topic on the Internet. A number of companies such as Wood-Mizer sell bandsaw sawmills. You can also make your own. (Obviously a hot topic on YouTube.) This video shows a homemade mill made for about $500 using mostly salvaged parts.

Portable bandsaw mills save transporting heavy logs
Portable bandsaw mills save transporting heavy logs

One interesting option is using a portable bandsaw mill. This enables you to take the mill to the logs instead of moving them. You still have to lever the logs around with a peavey, but it’s less work than transporting full size logs. It doesn’t have to be all work. You could turn the experience into a fun outing in the woods.

Image source: Hoosier Heavy Log & Timber Works

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  1. Interesting. I was surprised at the creativity of people who created their own sawmills, not to mention how fast they were able to turn a tree trunk into lumber. I also looked at the website and found out that they carry bandsaw blades in a number of sizes and teeth configurations at surprisingly low cost. This opens up a lot of opportunities for people to create their own roofing and furniture-making materials, not to mention a potential business venture.

    • There is lots of potential, that’s for sure. I just touched on a few points so people don’t think it’s too far off topic. Since you’re interested, here are a few related ideas.
      – You can use wood that’s not commercially available. Lumber industries only use what’s most profitable. There’s probably thousands of kinds of trees that would work for owner builders.
      – Local hardwoods may be far superior in quality to commercially available softwoods. If you’re using the wood for structural purposes, research the wood in question.
      – Bandsaws are extremely reliable, come in all different sizes and are used for different purposes. Find a saw that matches your needs.
      – Bandsaws are very popular. You may be able to find a used machine for your project and resell it when you’re finished for about the same price.
      – Sand and gravel in cedar wood will trash your blade in no time. Peeling the bark off will prolong blade life.


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