Beautiful DIY Tiny House Build with Massive Custom Patio Door

“We saw this DIY off grid tiny house on wheels by the side of the road on our way to PEI for a mini vacation (first one in a long time!). We fell in love with it and had to pull over to film a quick video about it.

We love the garage door wall in the living room that connects the indoor and outdoor spaces, and we love that it’s designed to be completely off-grid with stainless steel water and greywater tanks, a Sun-Mar composting toilet, and propane for heat and hot water. It’s ready to be hooked up to solar panels, too.”

Like they said, the big patio door has lots of possibilities. Besides joining this area with an outside deck, the big door would make it easy to bring in motorcycles, bikes, furniture, mattresses, etc. I keep showing these tiny house videos because there are so many practical features that could be incorporated into any type of small home.

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