Brzee Studio Earthbag Farmhouse

Brzee Studio earthbag farmhouse in India
Brzee Studio earthbag farmhouse in India

I am Chinmay Pareek working under the name of BRZEE STUDIO BY SAOSHYANT SOLUTIONS here in India. We made this farmhouse for a client.

This is 1710 square feet earthbag made in a small village PARASRAMPURA in REENGUS town, which is situated 70 kms from, Jaipur “THE PINK CITY” capital city of Rajasthan State in India. We named it “saoshyant” after the name of my son Saoshyant Pareek.

We made doors from wooden pallets and used plastic bottle walls as well as glass bottle walls too.

Thanks and regards.
Chinmay Pareek

18 thoughts on “Brzee Studio Earthbag Farmhouse”

  1. Fake Real Estate Website?!
    Hi All, this looks really nice and promising, so I wanted to find out more about Brzee Studio. Unfortunately, the link refers to a fake Real Estate website. Any idea why? ;)

    • Bro this is best thing u r doing bcz nature is looking your kind of people who work with useless thing and make them useful so nature can’t disturb now in the world trees r getting finesd so need some thing like this to help nature’s

  2. Looks great. Nice straight, plumb, level walls. Good job. They’re building a conventional looking house that people want in the area. This will help spread earthbag building and get it widely accepted.


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