Best Earthbag Feed Tube?

Feed tube for filling earthbag tubes (hyperadobe mesh tubing in this case)
Feed tube for filling earthbag tubes (hyperadobe mesh tubing in this case)

AUWA Earth in Australia seems to have the best or at least one of the best feed tube designs that I’ve seen. I really enjoy browsing sites like AUWA Earth that obviously are ‘dialed in’ – who really know what they’re doing and who are turning out quality projects. I’ve never met them or have any financial relationship with them — just promoting good workmanship when I see it. We’ll probably replicate their feed tube design for the earthbag school project in Nepal. We need to make numerous simple, low cost, easy to fabricate feed tubes to keep four crews busy. I particularly like the funnel shaped top that facilitates filling the tubes.

AUWA Earth

2 thoughts on “Best Earthbag Feed Tube?”

  1. Thay picture is too similar to one that I saw in use in Brazil with the technic of hiperadobe, like the picture shows is an open bag, mesh.
    We tried at the beggining in our labo but using it is not so confortable or practic because you are tied to something and when you get up is not so secure.

    So finally we finish using this way:

    That let your hands free, wit a corrugated tube of 60 cms of high that lets you make 3 loads and advance 30 cms every move back.

    Greetings from Barichara !

    • Great feedback, thanks. Questions:
      1. Is the top removable? It looks like a plastic bucket with the bottom cut out.
      2. What did you use for the tube? Plastic? Cardboard?
      3. Is the mesh all on the outside?
      4. Do you rest the feed tube on the bag like you show and then move after 3 bucket loads?


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