Better to Buy Inferior/Degraded Land Rather than Have No Land — 4 Comments

  1. Our plan is to use our land to demo permaculture principles n get a marketable yield in 3 to 5 yrs. We codify n standardize this then replicate it on degraded farms wid d farmer n family being d partner providing manual labor while we provide capital n expertise. We split d profits when we get yield. Then we start a REIT or Real Estate Investment Trust n sell shares in d capital markets to enlarge our scope and allow us to spread this quickly. Hopefully it works here in d Phil but this idea will work anywhere in d world.

    • Thanks for the ideas. I think eventually local farmers will realize what we’re doing works and they’ll start changing how they do farming.

  2. The local economy here is bad enough that farmers are selling their topsoil to excavators. At least three farmers that I know of within a quarter mile have done this lately. I know it’s crazy. How can you run a farm after selling your soil? But that’s what happens eventually when you fall for the big lie of chemical agriculture. Fortunately, we’ve had lots of good rain this year and crops look better than usual.

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