Build it With Bales – Free Download

Build it With Bales - Free Download
Build it With Bales – Free Download

Free downloadable version (photocopied pages) of Matts Myhrman’s classic straw bale book for private use. The easy to understand explanations and simple line drawings make it a joy to read and refer to as you’re building. Although this book is 99% excellent information, readers are warned of a few errors in this somewhat dated book. One example is do not use bales under a slab floor as shown.

Build it With Bales free download

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  1. Note: requires a good Internet connection because the file is very large.

    Also note this is the updated and expanded Version 2. I can’t speak highly enough of this book and the work Matts has done over the years. Here’s his emergency strawbale shelter video:

    More info about the strawbale emergency shelter and Matts and his wife. Their work was front page news on the New York Times and this helped jump start the modern strawbale movement:


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