How to Build a Self Reliant Homestead

Here is the process I’m currently going through for how to build my own self reliant homestead, and I thought you might find it helpful if I shared the process with you.

I’m happy to see the increasing popularity of forest gardens and permaculture in general.

7 thoughts on “How to Build a Self Reliant Homestead”

  1. It is good to see graphics with which we’re all so familiar, and which we can instantly feel at home with – much as those created by Andrew Jeeves in his illustrations for Bill Mollison’s Permaculture books of the 1990s. The addition of colour-coding to the features on the plans, and the usage of a real-time presentation adds so much more, 25 years after those books introduced the concept to many of us. These plans have so much perfection in the detail and so many ideas ! Sadly, we can’t provide walnuts for pig foraging in the UK – acorns certainly! Thank you for sharing this resource with us !

  2. Dumb question but I can’t see the answer scanning through your blog – where are you growing your food forest? I’m in south Florida for reference.



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