Buildbag — Earthbag in the Netherlands

Buildbag -- Building with Nature
Buildbag — Building with Nature

“The Buildbag Philosophy
According the United Nations it is estimated that approximately 1,6 billion people live in substandard housing and 100 million people are homeless globally, due to poverty, wars and natural disasters. Moreover, we have an ever-growing world population. This means we are not capable of solving this problem by conventional building; a fundamental breakthrough is needed.

By building with Buildbags, we can now overcome the economic and environmental restraints and enable future generations to re-use the same raw materials for new buildings.

Buildbag enables governments, organizations and companies to solve the chronic housing shortage and acute housing disasters in a faster and more sustainable way.

Buildbags can be stacked on top of one another like bricks and easily linked together. Walls and homes built of
Buildbags are temporary. By finishing them with a layer of plaster, they become permanent. Buildbags are easy to use, 100% recyclable, and the filling can be re-used without processing or simply returned to nature.

They are specially developed to be filled with local raw materials like sand or soil, creating constructional building blocks.”


2 thoughts on “Buildbag — Earthbag in the Netherlands”

    • They don’t provide many details on their building system. It looks like they’re just getting started. The good news though is they have set up a laboratory and they’re promoting sustainable building. I look forward to hearing more about their work.

      Note the black bags on their website. I wonder if they have special bags that are more UV resistant?


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