Building your own Straw Bale House – an interview with the Author

“When I was planning to build this house, the one thing I wanted but couldn’t find was a step by step, comprehensive series of photos showing the whole process. While building this house I ended up taking over 5,000 photos…and incorporated pics from every stage in the book so anyone else can use this as a basis…to see what’s involved, and to see options of what’s possible…before you start. This brief video is just a sampling of the whole book.

The Sedona Straw Bale is a fresh look at the design and building of a practical, modern-looking Straw Bale Home in Sedona, Arizona. It details the entire project from breaking ground to moving in, showing almost 300 photos accompanied with detailed descriptions. This Photo-Journal is an ideal read for anyone interested in building their own home, whether Straw Bale, Post and Beam or even conventional stick frame, and features multiple novel solutions for increased energy efficiency and practical solutions for the Owner-Builder.

The book is presented in Adobe PDF format on a CD which will be easily readable on any computer. This allows me to include almost 300 color photos at a reasonable cost and gives the reader control over the size of the text and photos, if a closer look is desired. The reader can order a CD by mail, or an Immediate Digital download from my website Sedona Straw Bale – a Photo Journal.”


5 thoughts on “Building your own Straw Bale House – an interview with the Author”

  1. Ordered the DVD from Amazon….and got a personal response from John Cahill. That alone speaks volumes.
    I’m trying to make up my mind about what type of sustainable home I should build. I think I’ll end up doing 2 buildings – Straw-bale and Earthbag- on my small plot of land, to accommodate the whole family….both are so beautiful, and because of blogs like this….I feel enabled. Thank you Owen.

    • There is no one perfect building method or material. It all depends on your climate, available materials, cost, personal preferences, etc. That’s why we show many ways of natural building.

  2. This is by far the best and most reassuring video I’ve seen in regards to straw bale construction. I’m new to this as well, but have been really struggling on where to get started. I’ve watched different videos, tutorials, read books on it, but I haven’t felt confident that any of that information really ties back in or makes sense as a whole. I’m going to purchase his book, I’m hopeful it’s what I’ve been looking for.
    Thank you!

      • Thanks for the article, I think what he put together could really help me. Straw bale has certainly taken the lead in sustainable and ecoliving. I’m sure as earthbag building grows in popularity, detailed building information like this will become more available.


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