Kyle’s Crazy House: Earthen Plaster on the Gnestle

“In this video, and the next few I post, I will be showcasing the buildings of Kyle Yoder, who’s lived at Dancing Rabbit ecovillage for several years and is known for the organic forms of his design. One of the great things about natural building is the freedom it gives builders to think beyond the 90 degree angle. Kyle’s just begun the finish plaster of his own home, the Gnestle, and we’re going to get a peek at his work and a little explanation from the builder himself.

Dancing Rabbit is the best place to see many examples of natural building first hand. We have over 30 natural buildings in one place built from mostly local, natural, and reclaimed materials.”

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Thumbs up to see more videos like this. It’s actually somewhat challenging to find really good information on building details like this video.

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