How We Built Our House – Part Two: The Grass Roof

“It’s been ten years since we designed and built our house, so it seems appropriate to start an occasional series about it all. Building your own house has to be one of the most exhilarating and exciting things anyone can do in their lives. (It’s also expensive, exhausting and stressful too, but we wont go there for now…)

This one is about the design of the roof – there’s much more we can say about it, but that will have to wait. There was a leak along one edge recently – which we fixed easily. Perhaps we should put up a video about that? Apart from that – the roof has performed better than we had hoped.”

Thanks to Leslie for this tip.

4 thoughts on “How We Built Our House – Part Two: The Grass Roof”

    • It would be wonderful to have a detailed video of how the walls were constructed to hold the roof materials so nicely in the curvy shape.

      • Yes, because it looked very simple, but looks can be deceiving. I think that matching the heights and step intervals on both sides might be challenging to get exact for an inexperienced owner-builder, but the concept looked pretty straightforward. I would guess that matching sides of the sheathing for the curved portions of the outer walls were probably cut together, one on top of the other.

        I was surprised at how simple it all seemed, to be honest. That probably means it was way more involved than I think. lol


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