Building Warm Homes and Community at Pine Ridge Reservation

A home is so much more than its physical manifestation in the world. It is a place of togetherness, of gathering, of sharing, and of connecting. The mission of is to leverage their building technique to support those in need by providing warmth, stability, economic opportunity, and hope. The act of building a home … Read more

A Bamboo and Thatch Retreat Center in the Maldives

The Joali Being wellness retreat in the Maldives archipelago was built with a bamboo framework that is topped with a woven roof canopy. The engineering and construction aim to maintain the architectural idea of a floating retreat complex delivering technical solutions and details to preserve the quality and stability of the structure in the particular … Read more

The Magic of Italian Trulli

On the heel of Italy’s boot, small stone huts with conical rock-covered roofs can be seen scattered among the olive trees. These are called trulli and can be found throughout the Itria Valley, where there are approximately 50,000 of them, especially in the town of Alberobello, where there are roughly 1,500 of them. Some trulli … Read more

The Popularity of Earthships

Michael Reynolds, the 77-year-old architect and founder of Biotecture Enterprise has been experimenting near Taos, New Mexico for more than 50 years with constructing Earthships, self-sufficient off-grid houses that harvest their own electricity, water and heat. “We build according to six principles,” Reynolds sums up his philosophy. “Passive thermal heating and cooling, power from the … Read more

Wendy’s Vaulted House in India

The site is private land of 8 acres with a dense forest of coconut, mango, Nutmeg, Teak, etc. They didn’t want to cut down any trees so the building was positioned with this in mind. They wanted no steel or concrete so they designed a timbrel, catenary-based vault structure. Twin Vault structures were made with … Read more