Bungalows – Tradition and Charms

Quite a few nice small homes are shown in this video. “This term — bungalow — has different meanings across the world, but common features include being detached, low-rise and the use of verandahs.”

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The article above makes some good points about bungalows:
– bungalows are less likely to decline in value and therefore can be decent investments
– the design has withstood the test of time
– single story layouts are well suited for those with reduced mobility
– flexible design: there are countless options since bungalows have been around for many years

Older fixer-upper bungalows can be a good investment. I totally remodeled a bungalow years ago and roughly doubled the resale value. If you’re primarily interested in building a new home, much can be learned from studying older, compact homes with good character.

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