Standardized Earthbag Detail Drawings for Nepal

This is an invitation to all Nepali architects and engineers to help create standardized detail drawings to optimize and expedite earthbag building. The goal is to create open source detail drawings for foundations, buttresses, typical wall sections and elevations, recommended reinforcement methods, windows, doors, etc. This would greatly speed the acceptance of earthbag building in Nepal (and probably other countries).

Dozens of Nepali architects and engineers have already been trained in earthbag building. Having standardized detail drawings would make it much easier for other architects and engineers to start doing earthbag projects, because it would shorten the learning process. It would also help ensure a high level of structural integrity and help facilitate code approval. Names of contributors would be listed on the plans. Please email me at naturalhouses [AT] if you would like to participate in this volunteer collaborative project to help rebuild Nepal safely and sustainably.

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