Cable Spool Furniture — 5 Comments

  1. Oooooohhhhh, this give me an idea for making a stack of these into lazy susan bookshelves for the corner of an office or somehow incorporate it into a dome. I plan on building an earthbag dome home within the next 12 months and I love your posts for ideas. Great knowledge base!

  2. My occupation is as a cable technician and I have lots of these. I didn’t think too much about reusing them b/c they are pretty crude unless you’re pretty handy. This is some good inspiration for these, maybe I’ll hang on to them. The really super big ones have center tubes made of wood planks. The smaller ones for in-house cable have plastic tubes.
    Outdoor tables seem like pretty good ideas if you can get your hands on the big ones.

  3. Talk about carefree furniture. This is it. It costs nothing and so it doesn’t matter if it gets dinged up or weathered.

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