Caraboat – A Trailerable Tiny Houseboat

The CaraBoat, which as the name suggests is both a caravan (RV) and a boat. It is the culmination of more than four years of development. Although the concept is not new, we believe that this is as good as it gets. A stylish, sleek, aerodynamic caravan that is as easy to tow and is no higher than a normal off road caravan, but then, when in boat mode you have a safe, high performance liveable boat.

Interior view of the CaraBoat – it’s big enough to be livable.
Interior view of the CaraBoat – it’s big enough to be livable.

Travellers will now have the ability to see all of this wonderful country with hundreds of estuaries, rivers and lakes to explore. The high speed, long range, great economy and extreme shallow draft of the CaraBoat gives you the perfect platform to discover all the hidden treasures our fantastic waterways have to offer.

I love exploring nature in a boat. A whole new world opens up when you’re on the water in wilderness areas. I think the CaraBoat is a fantastic solution for those who want a tiny house on wheels and also love boating. However, at this time it’s only available in or near Australia where they’re made. Plus, the cost is over $100,000 so they’re not cheap. But they do look very well made and stylish.

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