Casa Huexolotl Earthbag House — 5 Comments

  1. It’s great to hear about your book influencing people and seeing the results. You “hope” others in countries such as this can benefit using the earth bag method. Great for more wealthy countries as well as we know. Good post Owen.

  2. Daggone..What a waste of time on the video. If someone says “Here’s a video of my house,” show the daggone house! Just sayin’…

  3. Thanks to Jeremy for providing the building details on his house so more people can benefit. Every area is different and so it’s impossible to say how much things will cost or how long construction will take. This is commonly the first question on people’s mind, and as you can see in the following article it’s impossible to say without doing a detailed cost estimate in your area.

    See: How Much Will My House Cost?

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